The Silver Moon Storybook – Review

Title: The Silver Moon Storybook

Author: Elaine Gunn

Genre: Fairytales for YA / Adult

Illustrator: Megan MacPhie

Rating: 4/5 šŸŒŸ


The Silver Moon Storybook firstly is just gorgeous. The cover is beautiful and the illustration is beautiful. I finished this book in two days I sped through the wonderful stories that interlinked magically. I think Unicorn and The Strong Man were my favourite stories. All the stories were great but these were my favourite!

In this collection you will find some wonderful characters from unicorns to witches to mermaids. It had everything magical you would need in a book. I love how badass the characters are and how bullies never win.

This collection is so powerful and the stories will stick with you even when you finish the last page.

I feel so lucky to have been sent this amazing collection of fairytales by the lovely Elaine Gunn to review and would happily read and review from this author again, I look forward to future releases and my bookshelf looks forward to housing this beautiful book.


2 thoughts on “The Silver Moon Storybook – Review

  1. That cover is so gorgeous. Great review! Iā€™m adding this one to my buy list.


  2. I really shouldn’t be getting excited about new books since my TBR pile is HUGE but this one definitely just made my list. The cover is absolutely gorgeous..


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