A little bit of everything.

Hey all! Sorry for not posting in a while, I went away for a couple of days with my family and took a bit of a TV / book break.

I’ve come back and am finding it difficult with my mental health again to find anything interesting. I feel on constant edge and like I can’t sit still… So this is making reading and reviewing very hard! I’ve DNF-d quite a lot lately so I may have to go back one day and try again with the books.

I started a new show called After Life with Ricky Gervais and it was so heartbreaking and in places funny but again have only managed one episode. I’m trying to get through Good girls season 1 as I’m desperate to see some Beth and Rio action in S2. If you haven’t seen Good Girls then I highly reccomend it has so much heart.

Along the same lines I’m absolutely devastated that ODAAT got cancelled on Netflix it was my partner’s favourite show and a massive favourite for so many. I’m hoping Netflix reconsider.

Today I’m meeting a friend for coffee and trying to tackle reading Stepsister which I was kindly sent early to review. I’m hoping my slump eases and I can start to enjoy books and TV and movies again. I’m also hoping to start the Madeline McCann Documentary on Netflix with my friend later.

In other news…I purchased a book basket as I couldn’t afford a book trolley. But I’m putting my immediate tbr in this basket to remind me what to pick up next .. pray for me my passion for reading comes back asap!

And that’s it for me… I will be back soon with reviews I hope!

What are y’all reading atm? How’s life? Any tips for general slumps? Xoxo


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