Let’s talk about DNF-ing

I really struggle to DNF a book, once I start I feel committed until the end the only books I’ve ever not finished are audiobooks but I may go back to them. What about you? Do you feel more pressure to finish certain books? Do you just push through like me even though you’re really not enjoying certain books…

I feel like maybe this year I should be harsher and only read books that I am loving because my tbr pile is insane and I could be reading something I really love rather than pushing myself through something I’m just not enjoying just to finish it.

What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear about your DNF rules. Xoxo


6 thoughts on “Let’s talk about DNF-ing

  1. I was just thinking about this after DNF-ing another audiobook! I think audiobooks are definitely easier to DNF for me than physical or ebooks, but I saw someone recently say that have an 100-page limit that they stick to, which I think is a pretty good rule!

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    1. I like that. I find with audiobooks I tend to fall asleep as I always listen at night and I can never concentrate. 🤦‍♂️

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  2. I’m the same, once I start a book I feel guilty if I don’t finish! A lot of times that happens, I keep trying to convince myself ‘it’s maybe a slow read, it might pick up after a couple more chapters’

    But there have been a few instances where where I have had to walk away without finishing. My general rule is, if I’m not enjoying a book but I’m still managing to focus and sit to read it, I’ll keep going. If I’m finding it so frustratingly bad/dull that I keep putting the book down after a few pages, it gets abandoned!

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  3. I’m the same, I feel I have committed and invested my time and there’s no way back, which is ridiculous because not DNF-ing means investing much more time 🤦‍♀️😂

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  4. lucysnovelpurpose 10th Feb 2019 — 9:03 am

    I find it hard to DNF books too as part of me always believes the book will get better so I push through. Recently I’ve been a little harsher and if I’m just not interested I leave it.

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  5. I have such a hard time DNFing books because I always worry that I’m missing out on something? Especially if I know people who love the book in particular, but just in general too. I think my concern is giving up and not realising it gets better from there? Even though every one of the books I’ve wanted to DNF have certainly never improved as I’ve gone on, so it’s a broken kind of logic. I always force myself through them, but I really wish I had it in me to just call it a day and jump into something worth my time!


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