OCD and Me.

Today I had an appointment with my psychologist about finally starting exposure therapy. I am so nervous. Basically exposure therapy is facing your OCD fears and exposing yourself to your worst fears and just sitting with the anxiety it brings. For me it’s things like walking by myself places and not checking the Taps twenty times and just sitting with the intrusive thoughts and the anxiety. This journey is going to be so hard for me as I will have to practice this all the time and basically spend most of my time anxious for the hope that in the long run these things I fear will become much more easier to deal with and I can live a relatively normal life. My OCD is never going to go away I’m always going to have it but I need to learn to live alongside it and not let the intrusions rule my life. I hope you stay on this journey with me and don’t mind my mental health updates! The first challenge I have is trying to get a bus by myself and walking up to the bus by myself and facing the main roads which I absolutely hate. I have to build up to this and take someone with me at first and then when comfortable challenge myself to do it on my own.

My problem is I’ve never been someone who likes going out I’ve always loved staying in and watching TV series’s, movies or reading and it’s outside my comfort zone but I have to do this now or I will be stuck in my OCD cycle ten years from now and I would have missed out on so many things because of fear…

Thanks for listening and for getting this far on the post! If you are also suffering remember there is help out there and if you can reach out, it’s so scary but you are not alone in this battle , you are not weird or evil, you are not bad or mad, YOU are a warrior. 💪 Xoxo


4 thoughts on “OCD and Me.

  1. You go girl. I’ve been there – spent a year being too afraid to leave my apartment alone, obsessing over accidents I might cause. Therapy and medication gave me my life back, so even if it’s a rough time you have to go through, it will be so worth it in the end.

    Strength always,

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    1. Thank you I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this as well. I’m seeing a support worker today to try and challenge my fears x

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  2. It takes a lot to push yourself to even go see somebody, get help, and open up about your mental health, whether it’s to a professional or to us on the internet or a friend or family member! So the fact that you’re being open and addressing your fears and anxieties is an incredible step, you should be proud!

    There’s a lot of strength in facing your fears and taking them head on, so try to never undermine your own braveness and just how impressive it is that you’re pushing yourself to do these things. It’s empowering watching people take control of their lives and overcome their fears, and it will certainly be worth it in the long run! Well done and good luck with everything

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  3. In my experience, exposure therapy is a powerful and very effective technique to get over episodes of OCD. I have successfully overcome the suffering my Pure “O” OCD used to cause me. I will always have an OCD brain, but I no longer allow my OCD to control me. From one OCD brain to the other, you got this!! It’s not going to be easy, but so worth it! Good luck! 🙂

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